What we do

MoneyDoctors creates working solutions for financial problems, shines a light on the path you need to take to be financially secure through a customized financial plan, gives unbiased advice you can trust on how to execute that plan, and will teach you crucial skills so that you can be free of us in at least two years!*

* The success of your financial plan will depend on your commitment and determination in attaining your financial goals as stated in the plan.

There are three main areas MoneyDoctors works on:

  1. Directional Finance - Teaching people how to invest their money in various financial products or businesses.
  2. Remedial Finance - Helping people learn the basics of money management and pulling them out of debt.
  3. Transference - Transferring your wealth to your children.

Our mission and vision:

"We are an organization of men and women of high integrity, who provide ways by which clients find true wealth. We are advocates of financial freedom and provide appropriate education and advise. We put the interest of our clients above our own at all times. Always moving forward, not only living for one’s self but a person for others."

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